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The Old Synagogue

A beautiful hidden pearl

Why it is worth to visit?

  • OLDEST - The Old Synagogue is the oldest still-standing synagogue in Pilsen.
  • NEWLY RECONSTRUCTED -The synagogue was entirely reconstructed in 2014, financed by the EU funds.
  • UNIQUE STYLE - a wooden ceiling, the painted Aaron haKodesh as well as the two floors of the women's gallery make this synagogue unique in the Czech republic.
  • PERMANENT EXHIBITION - The permanent exhibition. The fist gallery presents an overview of the Jewish history of the Pilsen Region, the second gallery represents an introduction into the Jewish customs and traditions. 
  • ACCESSIBLE - The Old Synagogue is located within a walking distance from the Great Synagogue as well as from the historical town square. 
  • HIDDEN - It is hidden in a courtyard near Smetanovy sady 5, so it can be easily missed but it is really worth visiting. 

About the Old Synagogue

Revitalization of Jewish Monuments in the Czech Republic

Pilsen’s Old Synagogue was built in 1859 in the gardens of the Jewish municipal house according to a plan by Martin Stelzer. The neo-Romanesque building has an auxiliary outer staircase to the upper floor that acts as an emergency exit.
The main hall features a two-story women’s gallery on wooden pillars. The decoration of the 

wooden Torah ark was restored during the building’s renovation in 2010–2014. The ceiling features illusionary painting. In 1869, the synagogue was fitted with an organ, which has not survived.

Following construction of the Great Synagogue on Klatovy Avenue (1892), the Old Synagogue was used only for occasional events.

Today, it is an actively consecrated synagogue. In 1875, the Auxiliary Synagogue was erected immediately adjoining the Old Synagogue. The two buildings were joined by a stone staircase leading to the galleries. In the 20th century, the Auxiliary Synagogue was used as a storehouse. Today, only its outer walls remain; these were repaired and the building’s interior converted into a monument to Plzeň’s victims of the Holocaust – a garden with the victims’ names written on stones. Total expenditures on renovating the Old Synagogue as part of the “Revitalization of Jewish Monuments” project amounted to CZK 31,939,000.

Opening hours

In the tourist season (April-October) is the synagogue open every day from Sunday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. 

We are closed for Shabbaths, Jewish holidays.

Althought, we are trying our best to keep the synagogue open for you as much as possible, sometimes happens, that there is a need to close it sooner - mostly for the technical aspects related to preparing the concerts. Thus, we encourage you to check the opening hours in the online calendar, or let us know in advance of your group planned to come, so that we can contact you in case that there might be some complication with your plans.

Entrance Fee


CZK 55 for a person

    Students, Pensioners

    CZK 50 for a person

    Children up to 10 years

    CZK 0 for a person

    Children aged 10-15

    CZK  40 for a person



    CZK 80 for a family

    At least 2 adults + 1 child


      CZK 50 for a person
      • Applied for a group of 15 and more members, only

      Students, Pensioners

      CZK 40 for a person
      • Applied for a group of 15 and more members, only


      CZK  0 for a person
      • Applied for any kind of assistance (handicap, teachers, group guide)

      Services we offer

      An English speaking guide

      CZK 500 for a group

        A German speaking guide

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        A Czech speaking guide

        CZK 250 for a group