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There are 96 members  in the Jewish Community of Pilsen.  About half of them live in Pilsen, the others are scattered all around the West Bohemia, partly around the South Bohemia Region.

The community is a mix of modern-orthodox, conservative, reform and secular Jews. 54% of our members are women, the average age of our members is 61.

The income of the community is generally provided by rental of its properties and entrance fees from the Pilsen synagogues. Reconstructions, repairs and upkeep are mostly covered from our own sources, partly from fundraising. 

The social programme - mostly for the Holocaust survivors - is almost fully covered by the Claims Conference and the Foundation for Holocaust Victims.

There is no kosher restaurant in Pilsen. The closest kosher restaurants is in Prague (approx. 100 km to the East of Pilsen).

The List of the Kosher Products that are possible to buy in the regular groceries is provided by the rabbinate of Prague and it is downloadable on the Jewish Community of Prague web sites.

The nearest kosher groceries are in Prague (call the Jewish Community of Prague office to check the opening hours in advance), in Vienna or the easiest way is shopping online. Some of our members have a good experience with the, for example.

For stating the exact time for your prayers in Pilsen, you should subtract 4 minutes from the CET.

There are no regular services held in the Pilsen synagogues. The community members use to join a session - usually once a month - before Shabbath, however, this meeting is not a regular Kabalath Shabbath service.

There are no regular services during the Jewish holidays in the Pilsen synagogues. 

There is no Mikveh in Pilsen. The closest one is in Prague.

The kosher Mikveh in Pilsen is planned to be built within 2-3 years and it will be located in the Rabbinical House in the courtyard of the Great Synagogue.

In 2018, the Jewish Community of Pilsen's community Board made contract with rav Abraham Waldman (Brooklyn, NY) to manage a reconstruction of the Baal Shem's Mikveh in Ronsperg (Pobezovice). According to this contract, the mikveh will be re-established till 2023. For more information, contact rav Waldman: +1-718-5222003 or

The Sukkah is accessible in the courtyard - between the Old Synagogue and the Auxiliary Synagogue.

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