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Intercactive 3D model

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Great Synagogue - the current view based on the 1890 - 1893 design of Rudolfem Stech in the neo-Romanesque style.
Rabinical House that was erected on the Great Synagogue courtyard in the same time periode as the Great Synagogue itself. The renovation in 2019-2022 was based on the project of Ateliér Soukup Opl Švehla s. r. o.

Draft of the original project of 1888

Great Synagogue - the original and the unrealized neo-Gothic design of the Great Synagogue, created by the architect Max Fleischer from Vienna in 1888. The 3D model is based on the extant original project documentation, complemetned by architect Jan Soukup.

Created by: Ing. Ivan Klíma; version 1.2.1
Visualization was created within the project "Obnova Velké synagogy a Rabínského domu v Plzni" that was co-financed by the European Union.